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Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin toured and inspected energy sector activities in Bago Region and Magway Region

15th Sep 2023

Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin toured and inspected energy sector activities in Bago Region and Magway Region

Nay Pyi Taw, September (15).

Ministry of Energy Union Minister U Koko Lwin, accompanied by officials from industries/departments under the ministry's supervision, visited the Teetut Pipeline Base of Myanmar Oil and Gas Industry in Bago Region. In 2023, gas pressure plant (Titut) and Myanmar Petrochemical Company's No. 3 Fertilizer Plant (Kyawda) and Petrochemical Plant Group (Champra Lake) in Magway Region. On September 14th and 15th, we visited and inspected.

2023 On September 14th, the Union Minister and his team visited the Titoot Pipeline Base Camp under Myanmar Oil and Gas Industry. Arriving at the Titut natural gas pressure boosting plant, the officials of the camp had to carry out repair work on the Magwe-Titut-Kyawta pipeline in order to be able to send the natural gas needed for No. (3) Fertilizer Plant (Kyawta). The conditions under which the pressure boosters were repaired and the measures to be taken for the maintenance of the pressure boosters were explained. Based on the presentations, the Union Minister said that if the No. (3) Fertilizer Factory (Kyawka) plant is able to operate normally, it would be necessary to carry out the pipeline inspection and repair work to ensure the continuous supply of natural gas, as well as the regular pressure boosters to be delivered according to the set pressure. Gas Turbine and Compressor in use need to be regularly maintained and records kept. He was ordered to pay attention to workplace safety, and inspected the gas pressure booster.

Further, the Union Minister and his team arrived at the trial site of the Myanmar Oil and Natural Gas Company on the western side of the province, where the officials gave a briefing on the conditions of the work. In order to meet the country's energy needs, the guide asked them to work hard to produce more oil and natural gas than now, inspected the condition of the trial drilling, and gave the experts and staff souvenirs and nutritious food.

In the evening, the Union Minister and his team arrived at No. 3 Fertilizer Factory (Kyaw Ma) under the Myanmar Petrochemical Industry and met with the employees in the meeting hall of the factory. The factory that had been suspended since 2010 explained the conditions that had to be repaired to be able to resume operation, and the leading director U Aung Myint made a supplementary presentation. Regarding the presentations, the Union Minister said that the No. (3) Fertilizer Factory (Kyaw Ma) should be re-operated and manufactured in order to increase domestic production of urea fertilizers needed for the development of the country's agricultural sector. It is necessary to strictly follow the occupational safety rules set for occupational safety. Since it is a factory that uses chemical reaction stages, it is important to keep the Pressure and Temperature Gauges and Meters at all stages in good condition. They need to pay attention to improving the quality of the fertilizers produced by the factory by systematically analyzing them and producing them precisely according to the specified proportions. They want to coordinate the replacement of machine parts necessary for the use of modern technology in manufacturing activities. In addition to direct use of natural gas in the production of urea fertilizer, research and development activities are to be carried out continuously. The staff were given souvenir fruits and strength food. After that, the Union Minister and his team toured the plant's control room and inspected the urea fertilizer testing and production facilities.

2023 On September 14, the Union Minister and his team visited Magway Region, Minhla Township, Arriving at the Petrochemical Factory Group (Champrakan) under the supervision of Myanmar Petrochemical Industry, in the meeting hall, the factory manager explained the history of the factory. Show the factory operation and production

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