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Our Department History

The Oil and Gas Planning Department was formed on 1-4-2016.The Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Energy were merged to form the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.The Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the Minister's Office and Departments/Organizations (7) from the Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Energy, the Minister's Office, Enterprise (3), A total of (2) ministerial offices and (10) departments/organizations were formed as follows-

  1. Minister Office(Elecrtic Power)
  2. Department of Electric Power And Planning
  3. Department of Power Transmission And System Control
  4. Department of HydroPower Implementation
  5. Electric Power Generation Enterprise
  6. Electricity Supply Enterprise
  7. Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
  8. Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise
  9. Myanma Petroleum Product Enterprise
  10. Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation
  11. Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation

According to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy's Notification No. 101/2016 dated 5-7-2016, two Ministries had been combined to form the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, with one (1) Permanent Secretary in order to reduce the existing two Permanent Secretaries  of the two Minister's Offices Although the Ministry of Electricity was divided into ministerial offices and (7) departments/organizations and The Ministry of Energy is composed of ministerial offices and three (3) departments /organizations. The Oil and Gas Planning Department, which is managed by the Director General, It was established with officer positions (40), staff positions (140) in total of (180), and it has been operating with officer (26), staffs (31) in total of (57) staffs to carry out their duties from 1-9-2016 on.

State’s Energy Vision

State’s Energy Policy aims to provide national economic development as well as to sustainably fulfill the increasing domestic energy demand. The vision is to formulate an energy policy which can make energy resources divided among the States and Divisions fairly, with a view to the sustainable use of energy resources in the long run.


  1. To practice energy policy that can support the implementations under State’s economic policy.
  2. To carry out human resource development by creating the opportunities for balanced sharing in the use of energy resources among States and Regions including the areas where the resources are extracted.
  3. To develop energy infrastructure to attract more foreign/local investments this can contribute to national economic development.
  4. To establish an energy system that can sustainably develop by the ways of energy production with the least environmental impacts and all participatory efficient and effective use of energy while conserving natural resources.
  5. To coordinate and set up energy pricing that can guarantee economic viability for both energy producers and energy users.






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