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Ministry of Energy A delegation led by Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin from Kazakhstan. 2023 news of attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's First Energy Forum in ASTANA. October 4th

04th Oct 2023

Ministry of Energy The delegation led by Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin will meet in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2023. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was held from October 3rd to 6th, Attended the First Energy Forum Of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

         On October 3, the Union Minister and his team met with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The preliminary talks of the first energy forum and On October 4, Kazakhstan Energy Week2023 KazEnergy Eurasian Forum and Shanghai Cooperation Organization; I attended the First Energy Forum Of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization with energy ministers from the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

           Ministry of Energy In his speech, the Union Minister said that he was happy to be invited to attend this forum. Myanmar has many energy resources, he said. However, there are limitations in production capacity. Therefore, he said that he would like to cooperate with "SCO". Because Myanmar has abundant water resources, most of the electricity is generated from hydroelectric power. In addition, electricity is being produced from natural gas, he said. However, the amount of available natural gas is limited. Therefore, using coal and other energy sources for energy, we are trying to do less harm to the environment. However, since there are technology and investment needs, we are looking for ways to cooperate, he said. The main objective of Myanmar's energy policy is to ensure energy security for sustainable economic development in the country. In the implementation of the current energy sector, natural gas power plant projects, coal and hydropower projects; Geothermal projects; He said that there are solar projects. He said that efforts are also being made to increase the release of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. In order to meet Myanmar's energy needs, investments from close partner countries are needed. Myanmar is a country that needs energy, so energy-related investments are warmly welcomed. Today, the energy sector is facing many challenges, regulatory challenges, Geopolitical pressures and environmental issues "SCO" among its members. Myanmar firmly believes that these challenges can be successfully overcome by combining the strengths of observers and dialogue partners.

  As countries cooperating for carbon dioxide reduction and green environment development, it is necessary to take a balanced view on energy transitions based on diversity and different conditions. Myanmar will establish friendly relations with SCO members and pay special attention to the interests of member countries, he said.

           During the trip, the Union Minister and his team met the Deputy Governor of Karaganda, a coal-producing region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. and Vadim Borisovich. Deputy Director General of KazPhosphate Company, which has the largest supply of fertilizer, Mr. Gani Toksanbaev and We had a friendly and open discussion on energy issues with the team led by the Strategy and Investment Director of KazMunayGas Company.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was founded in 2001 by China and Russia as the political, political, and economic center of the Eurasian region. economy It is an international security and defense organization and is one of the world's largest regional organizations in terms of geographical boundaries and population, covering about 80 percent of the area. The SCO has 9 permanent members, about 40% of the world's population, and its total GDP is about 20% of the world's GDP as of 2012. It is reported that Myanmar has joined as a dialogue partner country in 2023, including 3 observer-level countries and 14 dialogue partner countries.

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