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(41) Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy attended the preliminary coordination meeting of the 41st ASEAN Energy Ministers' Meeting

23rd Aug 2023

(41st ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting) Pre-coordinating meeting, Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary, Nay Pyi Taw; 2023 August 23: Pre-coordinating meeting of the ASEAN Energy Ministers' Meeting and Related Meetings 2023; Indonesia on August 22 and 23. Held in Bali, the meeting was attended by Myanmar's Senior Official on Energy SOE Leader, Ministry of Energy. Permanent Secretary U Than Zaw and the delegation attended.

The meeting was held in Indonesia. The Ministry of Energy and Minerals led the meeting as the rotating chairman and carried out the ASEAN Energy Sector Cooperation Plan 2021-2025. Energy security in the ASEAN region regarding ongoing and future processes. access to clean energy and renewable energy sources; Development of technologies related to energy conversion, Oil and gas technologies and infrastructure; development of electricity grid networks; Among the ASEAN countries for the development of technologies to reduce carbon production and the development of urban nuclear energy technology and infrastructure. between ASEAN and East Asian countries; ASEAN and Japan Korea Cooperation measures between the two countries were discussed. The results of discussions and negotiations will be submitted to the (41st) ASEAN Energy Ministers' Meeting and related meetings for approval. Natural gas continues to play an important role in Myanmar's future energy sector. For the development of the renewable energy sector, solar, We are encouraging the generation of electricity from wind power and other renewable sources. Small-scale hydropower in rural areas far from the grid; wind power We are planning to use electricity generation from sources such as solar. efficient use of energy and energy saving; Policies are also being implemented to reduce carbon emissions. ASEAN member countries for the development of hydrogen energy technologies. ASEAN's dialogue countries It was discussed that they will actively participate in international energy organizations. (41st ASEAN Energy Ministers' Meeting and Related Meetings) High-ranking energy officials from ASEAN member countries and dialogue parties attended the pre-coordination meeting. ASEAN Secretariat Responsible persons from the ASEAN Energy Center and international energy organizations; It was reported that representatives attended.

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