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Ministry of Energy Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin, Yangon Region, Visiting and inspecting No. 1 Oil Refinery (Thanlin) in Thanlin City

16th Oct 2023

Ministry of Energy Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin, Yangon Region, Visiting and inspecting No. 1 oil refinery (Thanlin) in Thanlin city

2023 October 16th

Union Minister of Energy U Ko Ko Lwin, accompanied by relevant officials from industries/departments under the Ministry's supervision, visited Yangon Region, Thanlyin Township, 2023 to No. 1 Oil Refinery (Thanlin) under Myanmar Petrochemical Industry. On October 16, we visited and inspected.

First, the union minister and his team were told about the history of the factory by the factory manager at the factory guest house. Factory operating conditions; Staffing and security situation; fuel storage tanks around the factory; fuel loading jetty oil and gas liquid storage tanks; Repair and maintenance conditions for motor oil blending and canning factories; The condition of quality testing of fuel oil and engine oil/lubricant in the factory laboratory and future plans; A briefing was given on the operation and production status of the motor oil mixing and canning factory.

The Union Minister said that as the state is trying to improve domestic manufacturing, it is very important to be able to re-operate factories that have been suspended for various reasons. With the shutdown of factories, the equipment is causing more wear and tear. Due to the suspension of chemical plants such as oil refineries, the pipelines used in the factory will quickly rot and be damaged. In addition, the technology and knowledge that have already been known and mastered will be forgotten and will disappear as the factories stop being used for a long time. As for the employees who came in after the time when the factories were closed, they could no longer gain manufacturing experience, as well as their sense of pride in their work. Appreciation will also decrease. What is worse than that is that due to the decrease in factories/workshops where students studying engineering sciences can learn practically, the new generation of engineers will find it difficult when they enter the workplace. In addition, they will have to try to re-operate the suspended factories and find ways to reduce wastage and produce high-value products in order to be economically viable. Today, international oil refineries are producing more than 90 percent of the raw materials and finished products, he said. No. (1) Oil Refinery (Thanlin) will also carry out the necessary maintenance and dry run in parts, so he would like to encourage the factory staff to work hard. When the factory reopens, it will be planned to open and teach occupational skills courses to ensure that the employees' skills and equipment are ready. Currently, the state-owned oil refineries' production of petroleum products can only produce about 3 percent of domestic consumption, so they have to import and distribute from abroad to ensure domestic fuel consumption. In order to meet domestic energy consumption, oil and natural gas need to be explored and produced. The produced oil and natural gas must be properly processed and produced with high value products so that they can be used economically and effectively. It is necessary to build new oil refineries in order to refine the crude oil produced and to upgrade existing oil refineries. In the construction of a new oil refinery, it must be expected to be built up to the level of a Petrochemical Complex that can process various petroleum products. In order to obtain the necessary technology and capital, we will invite international companies and cooperate. It is necessary for the factory employees to learn the processes of oil refining and fertilizer production thoroughly until they master the process, and to try to pass on the knowledge to the future generations, he said. He instructed that research and development activities (Research & Development - R&D) should be widely carried out to improve technology.

After that, the Union Minister attended the factory training school. Meeting with the families of the employees, the officials will establish measures for the livelihood and welfare of the employees and the families of the employees. I want the employees to make an effort to keep the factory clean and beautiful. Factory and Wan

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