Responsibilities for Administration Department

1Administration Department(A) to initiate the policies and instructions of the ministry and instructions of the Managing Director to all the
department, Refineries , Fertilizer factories and LPG plant on behalf of the Managing Director.
2(B) to administrator to use systematically and repair all the belongings of the enterprise
not to damage and lose under MPE.
3C) to supervise the security, cleanliness and discipline of all the residential apartments under MPE.
4(D) to oversee the security of all the documents, and people inside the estate of the office compound and to arrange to be greened and fire prevention of the
5(E) to compile and summit all the lawsuits complaints letters and accidents, to MOEEE
on time or in time.
(F) to undertake the appointment, promotion, transfer, retirement, resignation , termination , dismissal , disciplinary action , rewarding and assignment of training and seminars home and abroad for the various level of staffs from departments, Refineries , Fertilizer Factories and LPG plants under MPE.