Organization Chart of MOGE

Managing Director Office Of MOGE

To assist the administrative activities of the Managing Director.
To manage and control the performance of respective Oil and Gas fields.
To give instructions in order to issue, review and amend departmental policy, law and regulation.
To collect and manage the information and data distribution by ICT.
To perform internal auditing of the MOGE and overview the clarification of concerned department based on the Audit Report by Union Auditor General Office.
To manage in order to collaborate with Local and Foreign Oil and Gas Companies and Organizations.
To consolidate the statistic data or project done by concerned department under control of MOGE.
To directive and supervise the administration, human resources management, oil and gas operations such as the exploration, drilling, production and distribution sectors.

Planning Department

Supervising the activities of foreign oil companies which are contracted by Production Sharing Contract with Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise for the mutually beneficial cooperation.
Submitting the approval of foreign oil companies’ business issues to get the approval from Steering Committee.
Reporting the weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-year and annually status of PSC companies to government office and other ministries.
Submitting the approval of foreign oil companies’ period extension of the block and land lease issues to get the permission from Myanma Investment Committee.
Participating in onshore and offshore blocks’ tender, to formulate National Energy Policy, Conducting the policy and participating to formulate and amendment the petroleum law.
Supervising the operation of oil and gas exploration, production and distribution of Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise.

Exploration & Development Department

  1. The Exploration & Development Department has the career of location the position of new exploration well in virgin area and development wells in existing oil and gas fields. This responsibility includes the acquisition of surface geological, geochemical and subsurface geophysical and identifying the possible location of hydrocarbon prospects and resources by evaluation of the all integrated G&G data and research work.
  2. E&D department has responsibility to deploy drilling rig position. In addition, it has to estimate initial oil & gas reserves in place and its future recoverable reserves, to lay down the short and long term plans of geological and geophysical surveys, to plan new drilling program and production estimates.
  3. To avoid the detriment to the country, E&D department steers and regulates the E&P activities of the international oil companies under PSC contracts and it has responsibility of technical cooperation together with PSC companies.
  4. E&D department monitors and supervises the safety and EIA, SIA process of the test wells, fields and exploration operations.
  5. It has responsibility to demarcate the area of oil and gas fields for official submission to the State.

Drilling Department

  1. Taking full responsibility to reach the target depth within time frame.
  2. Supervise and guide the way to prevent the unexpected problems during Drilling Campaign.
  3. Director (Drilling) has the responsibility to serve as Chairman of Technical Sub Committee.
  4. Technical Sub Committee team have the responsibility to review and supervise for servicing jobs and tendering jobs which are operated by joint Venture Operators and the review results are reported in Management Committee Meeting to proceed in concern Offshore Work.